Sync your bookmarks for IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome


Sync Browser Pro is a super excellent browser that allows you to synchronize
your bookmarks across browsers(IE,Firefox,Safari,Chrome), devices (Mac,iPhone,iPad) and platforms (Mac,PC).
Using “Sync Browser Pro”, you can import your bookmarks from your any desktop browser(include IE,Firefox,Safari,Chrome)
and smoothly browse those webpages via your bookmark on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, You also can export bookmarks to
any device(Mac,PC,iPhone,iPad,etc).The app is quite simple and easy .Do not need to install any plug-in.


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Bookmark Sync:
– Support all browsers(IE,Firefox,Safari,Chrome)
– Support all devices( PC,Mac,iPhone,iPad,etc)
– Import/export bookmarks to HTML
– Import/export bookmarks via WiFi
– Backup/restore bookmarks via iCloud


– Full screen
– Bookmarks
– History
– Screenshot for webpage
– Screen lock
– Multi-page support
– User-agent settting


File manager
– unZip support
– Play video,audio
– Record voice
– PDF,office document viewer
– Folder and sub-folder support
– Move, rename and delete files


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